Public Buyer

Definition of the public buyer position:

Procure to meet the qualitative and quantitative needs of the services and contribute to the performance of the purchases.

Preparation of the purchase:

  • Analysis of the need, search for information and definition of the appropriate procedure Making contact with the prescribers internally to gather a first formulation of the need of the applicant (collection of the practices of the markets, the modalities of the project of the service).
  • Submission of a summary of the need, the recommended purchasing strategy and the terms of the chosen contractual solution (procedure, allotment, form of the contract, specific clauses, etc.).

Public procurement procedures:

  • Assistance in the drafting of the Companies Consultation File (DCE)
  • Assistance with the online posting of market documents and drafting of the Public Invitation to Tender (ACPA)
  • Assisted with posting and writing the AAPC on any dematerialization support.
  • Assistance in the follow-up of the consultation procedure: Answers to questions asked by companies wishing to apply and management of any changes during consultation.
  • Assistance in the analysis of applications and offers
  • Negotiation assistance (written or oral)
  • Definition and implementation of a savings plan for a family of purchases